The Jr. Wolves wrestling will consist of 2 levels:

Level 1:

Monday Nights 6:30-7:30

The "Wolf Pups" will consist of pre K-2nd Graders and will be non competitive. We will train mostly once (occasionally twice a week). This is designed to be an introduction to wrestling, and is only meant to teach fundamental moves and fundamental concepts of wrestling. We believe that at these early stages learning must be structured to teach the basics, be taught over short sessions and need to have an element of fun. This level will be $50.00 and that will include the one night a week (occasionally 2 nights) and a t-shirt and short.

Level 2:

Wednesday and Thursday 6:30-8:30 (Occassionally, we will go Mondays at the same time)*

The Jr. Wolves will consist of 1st-8th graders and will be competitive. We will train twice a week (occasionally more). This level is designed to build on the fundamentals of wrestling and prepare the wrestler for the High School level. We will post a listing of USA wrestling tournaments throughout the season and wrestlers can enter the tournaments that you and the coaches see fit. This level will be $120.00 and that will include the two nights a week (occasionally 3 or more nights) and a t-shirt and short.

   When you register 2 or more family members (same household) we will take $10.00 off for each wrestler regardless of level.

*Days may be switched if the High School team has a dual on one of these nights.